Are you living the life you imagined?

There's an alternative to trying harder, going faster, and doing more. 

Do your days look like this? From the moment you open your eyes, the day begins with overwhelm and a sense of pervasive busyness. Rushing from one thing to the next, never doing anything fully, always feeling like you’re running just a little bit late. You’re trying your hardest to keep up with life’s demands, but no matter what you do, nothing seems to work.

So you do what you’ve always done before—try harder. But the more you force, the more stuck you feel.

You start to wonder what you're doing wrong. From the outside looking in, you’ve got it together, but you're lacking sleep, scarfing down meals in front of a computer screen, and picking fights with your partner.

You know you have so many people, things, and reasons to be grateful, but you feel guilty for feeling so stressed out. But no matter how many times you try to tell yourself to “suck it up”, you just can’t shake the feeling of dissatisfaction.

There’s an area in your life that needs to change, and in a BIG way—if that’s personally, with a relationship, your profession, or your health—you’re facing a crossroads.

Imagine if you could find the space, perspective, and support to deal with it all.

You’re a mother, sister, daughter, wife, co-worker, and friend. Always-on, often called Superwoman because of your ability to consistently do more than what’s humanly possible, and never the woman who let’s those you love (or anyone for that matter) down.

You want to balance all these roles so you can remember who you are. What if you could let other people’s expectations and needs stop driving the decisions in your life, so you no longer feel taxed out and tired.

You’re tired of giving up so much. You’re over feeling uncomfortable, confused, and scattered. You’re done ending up as your last priority.

I want you to know I see you and I feel you. I know you’ve been everything to everyone, except yourself, and it’s time to change this. 

Are you ready to...

Embark on a Quiet Adventure

3 days. 10 brave women. Your life will be forever changed.

An intimate experience, combining outdoor adventure, transformational coaching, and introspective retreat time dedicated to women leaders, visionaries, and changemakers.


Imagine if you could spend a few days putting yourself first, resetting, getting off autopilot, and tuning into the quiet voice inside yourself so that you can get from where you are now to where you know in your bones you’re capable of being.

A life where you’re connected to your strength, confidence, and self-trust so that you can go after the things you really want, like creating a more fulfilling career, making a big shift in your relationship, or taking care of yourself on a consistent, daily basis. A life where you jump at opportunities instead of letting fear run the show. A life where you know what you’re made of and stand fiercely in this knowing.

I want this for you (and for every woman). The time is now to empower yourself to make the shifts you know you need to make in your life and I’m going to help you do so with a Quiet Adventure. 

Scroll through the pictures below to see what it's like to join us!

The Quiet Adventures Process

This inclusive, intimate experience helps women move through life with more confidence, resilience, and courage. Here’s how it works:

1.) Start by clearing a space for your growth:

You’ll begin your adventure by unpacking the things that weigh you down (figuratively and literally) as you pull away from your daily responsibilities and roles. You’ll then have the space for thoughtful inquiry so that you can get clear on what’s not working in your life and discern what’s ready to change. 


2.) Get grounded in what matters most: 

Throughout your Quiet Adventure, I’ll walk you through simple, yet powerful practices that will help you quiet the noise, calm your nervous system, and find your inner ground again. Practices like, journaling, mindfulness, and yoga that will help you stay grounded in your body and connected to yourself, especially when things get hard and it really matters. These tools will set you up for a new way of being in your daily life back home. 


3.) Embrace permission to be you:

It’s time for you to surrender to a safe space where you can be vulnerable, messy, beautiful, and wild. A space where you can face fears, navigate self-doubt, and show up as you truly are. Through the power and support of feminine community you’ll have the courage to be more like the woman you know you’re meant to be.


4.) Tackle soul-strengthening challenges:

Let nature help you develop the self-sufficiency to take bold steps both on and off the trail. Through the challenges and adventure of being in the outdoors you’ll learn how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable and strengthen your ability to get back up after you fail. By learning how to take care of yourself in the outdoors, you’ll have a greater sense of who you are, what you can do, where you are going, and what you need to do to get there.

Time and time again, women share that I have a gift for taking complex information and making it simple and actionable. Rest assured that every part of the Quiet Adventure experience will be clear and easily digestible. It’s important to me that you can take what you learn from this experience and integrate it into your daily life. I’ll provide the structure, practices, and rituals to help you do so.

A Quiet Adventure is Perfect for You If

    • You suspect the kind of changes you want to make in your life won’t come from more goal-setting or pushing yourself, but from something quieter and from the heart.
    • You’re longing for a safe space to ask the hard questions and a mentor to guide you through the process of uncovering the answers.
    • Feel weighed down by your to-do list, over stimulated from the rush of life, and a little too domesticated from urban living. If only you could get a little space for yourself.
    • You’re committed to moving through the hard stuff so that you can work towards your biggest dreams and visions; you’re not willing to settle for anything less.
    • Have heard the call of the great outdoors and want more, but know you want to do it with a community of like-hearted women.
    • You’re looking for a fresh start where you can step away, reconnect, and get a new outlook to start living the life you want to live.

    Heads up! This is not a great fit if you just want a camping experience or a yoga vacation with a larger group of people. Let’s be real, you can sign-up for these experiences at REI or a retreat center for less money. But if you’re looking for an intimate group experience that will shift the trajectory of your life, then a Quiet Adventure is for you.

    There are very few (if any) programs that recognize women's unique strengths and needs, and balance the challenge of physical activity with inner work in the outdoors. I'm proud to be transforming women’s lives in this unique way and would be honored to have you join us!

    The experience helped me reassess my priorities and focus on what’s truly important. Instead of feeling controlled and overwhelmed by my looming, eternal to-do list, I’m now more compassionate and forgiving of myself. It really helped to say my fears out loud and be supported and understood by a group of like-minded women."

    – Stephanie Bean, Program Manager, Google

    Your All Inclusive Experience Includes

    Personalized, one-on-one training to support you in moving through your biggest challenges. You'll receive the individualized attention you need and deserve so that you can take your life and self-care practices to the next level.

    Daily outdoor skills workshops to help you feel at home in the woods: map reading, backcountry cooking, camp setup and breakdown, on- and off-trail travel, water purification, and Leave No Trace principles.

    Daily retreat time to equip you with an arsenal of sacred self-care practices that will support you in your daily life: journaling, yoga, and meditation.

    All logistical items; from park entrance and campsite fees to meals and snacks, I’ll take care of everything (even the sunblock and sunscreen) so that all you have to do is show up and dive into the experience!*

    Pre- and Post-Adventure Group Coaching calls to help guide you through emotions, fears, and challenges as they arise before the adventure. I’ll also be there to support you once you return home, when the rubber meets the road to ensure that you keep the forward momentum going!

    A community of support to lean into that’s non-sugar-coated and refreshingly real.  I believe in substantial connection with other women and take great care to create this on every Quiet Adventure.

    All outdoor gear: tent, stove & fuel, cooking gear, map & compass, water treatment system, camp pad or chair, equipment repair kit, First Aid kit. I’ll also provide a headlamp, personal sleeping bag, and sleeping pad to any women who needs one.


    Fully insured guide who is experienced and certified in Wilderness First Responder/CPR, behavioral change, integrative health, yoga, meditation, and outdoor education.

    Welcome kit that includes a packing checklist, PDF guides, and guided meditations to make the process simple and easy.

    *Please note: Your registration includes a 5% donation to the State and National Parks to help maintain the land for others to enjoy for years to come.

    While this adventure was an amazing lesson in navigating the backcountry, I could never have guessed how I would carry this experience into my everyday life. This was so much more than a weekend retreat—it was a series of life lessons I carry with me season to season and day to day.

    Read about Tiffany's Quiet Adventure here

    - Tiffany Anne Whipps, Jewelry Designer

    Sample Daily Schedule

    The unpredictable nature of an outdoor experience makes every Quiet Adventure different—that’s the beauty of Mother Nature!

    The following is an example of a tentative itinerary, but due to the unpredictability of weather, injury, and illness modifications will be made if needed.

    8-9am: Cook delicious, healthy breakfast.

    9-10am: Guided group coaching session with writing prompts.

    10am-1pm: Pack up gear, then hike and stop for lunch on the trail.

    1-2pm: Set-up camp.

    2-3pm: Free time.

    3-4pm: Guided outdoor skills workshop.

    4-5pm: Guided yoga and meditation session.

    5-6:30pm: Cook delicious, healthy dinner.

    6:30-7:30pm: Free time.

    7:30-9pm: Guided campfire circle.*

    How do we fit so much into one day? By taking care of all the details so that you can truly enjoy your experience. One of my superpowers is creating an incredibly transformative experience and handling the details so that women feel nurtured and can fully surrender. Be rest assured that you won’t have to worry about anything because I’ll take care of everything for you!

    *Please note: there will be periods of silence during your Quiet Adventure and you will be asked to unplug 100% from your devices. This is so you have the space to fully hear the small, quiet voice inside you, connect deeply with other women, and experience the adventure you need and deserve.

    This trip was a really beautiful way to let go, connect with nature, and find myself again. It really put the bigger picture of life back into perspective for me by lifting me out of myself and my worries. I also learned I had a much bigger tolerance for discomfort than I give myself credit for. Now, the scary things in my life are less frightening and I’m ready to face them!

    – Marina Zavala, Technical Writer and Mom

    If you’re serious about dedicating three days to yourself, I’m serious about supporting you.

    A Quiet Adventure is not for everyone. It’s for the woman who is resourceful, not afraid to challenge the status quo, and refuses a quick fix to get her to the next level. It’s for the woman who is ready to do something bold to shift the trajectory of her life.

    Is this you? If so, I’m curating two special groups to embark on a Quiet Adventure in 2017. Choose from two backcountry locations below.

    Please note: This experience is by application only. Followed by a phone call with me to make sure this experience is right for you.                     


    Lassen Volcanic National Park

    Friday-Sunday, August 11th-13th

    Swim in clear mountain lakes, take in views of jagged peaks, and hike to the top of a dormant volcano. Lassen receives much less traffic than other parks in California, which is why I love it! Come explore the real backcountry with us.

    This intimate experience is limited to 8 women (SOLD OUT). It's intentionally small so that you can easily connect with other women without the overwhelm of a large group and so that I can give you personalized attention.


    Sierra Buttes

    Friday-Sunday, September 22nd-24th

    Take in ancient sequoias, explore craggy cliffs, and hike a section of the Pacific Crest Trail. Sierra Buttes is located in the Northern part of Tahoe National Forest, a world away from the busy tourist areas, which is what makes it so special! This place is a world apart and the perfect spot for solitude and contemplation.

    This intimate experience is limited to 8 women (SOLD OUT). It's intentionally small so that you can easily connect with other women without the overwhelm of a large group and so that I can give you personalized attention



    Got questions?

    I've got answers! If your question isn't answered below, please email me at [email protected] and I'll reply as soon as I can.

    Q: I'm a newbie to the outdoors, yoga, or meditation. Can I still do this?

    Absolutely! Quiet Adventures welcomes all levels of fitness, spiritual experience, and outdoor skills. If you’re a beginner looking to gain new skills or you’re an expert looking to deepen your existing ones, I’ll create an environment that meets you where you’re at and gets you to the next level!

    All I ask is that you have a sense of adventure, curiosity, and a willingness to try new things. If you’re not interested in sleeping outside, going to the bathroom in the woods, or skipping showers for a weekend, these trips probably aren’t for you.

    Q: Do I need to be in good shape to go on a Quiet Adventure?

    Everyone's definition of being in good shape varies greatly. It's all relative, and only you know what your body is capable of.

    Here’s what I do know: our trips are designed to be laid-back and non-competitive. The focus isn’t on pushing through, getting from point A to B, or proving yourself with a bunch of mileage. Approaching a trip with this “conquer” mindset leaves women getting somewhere and never really being anywhere.

    Our approach to wilderness is to appreciate, connect, and savor. Do we need to get somewhere most days? Absolutely, but we create a balance between these different ways of being in the outdoors.

    I've also created a list of physical and mental eligibility requirements that will help you determine if Quiet Adventures is for you: click here to read the Eligibility Criteria. After reading this, if yo're still not sure or have a question about your physical condition, reach out to me and we'll chat about if this is right for you: contact me here.

    Q: I'm still afraid I'll hold the group back. Should I come at all?

    You’re not alone in your question. Over the years I’ve found that “holding other women back” is the most common worry women experience before signing up and during a Quiet Adventure.

    And yes, you should come. Why? Because you have something to offer the circle of women beyond being able to hike really quickly.

    Maybe you’re an amazing storyteller, master fire builder, pro map reader, or fantastic listener. Within you lies a unique contribution that the group needs! And that is the essence of Quiet Adventures: an incredible caliber of women, respect for everyone’s individual contribution, and shared wisdom.

    Q: What will I learn on a Quiet Adventure?

    Every adventure features guided, hands-on instruction and facilitation. You’ll learn and practice outdoor skills including map reading, backcountry cooking, camp setup and breakdown, on- and off-trail travel, water purification, and Leave No Trace principles, so that you feel comfortable in the woods and more connected to the natural world.

    You’ll also walk away with an arsenal of self-care tools, like relaxation techniques, grounded movement sequences, and journaling practices, so that you feel grounded and connected in your daily life.

    I believe in learning by doing, celebrating every success (no matter how small), and learning from our mistakes (no matter how big). It takes practice to learn outdoor skills and time to develop personal practices. Quiet Adventures is a safe space for you to dive in, experiment, mess up, and get support along the way.

    Please note: No two retreats are ever the same. Based on the application responses provided by you and the other women, the experience will be crafted specifically for the collective community. There's an overall flow and methodology that I'll be sharing with you, but the details always differ slightly from retreat to retreat. This is because I'm committed to meeting women where they're at and serving them from this space.

    Q: What will the accommodations and food be like?

    We'll be sleeping in tents, and you'll share your tent with one other amazing woman. We’ll also be preparing and cooking food in small groups, since learning and practicing setting up a shelter and backcountry cooking are essential skills for any wilderness woman.

    The food will fuel our adventure, be simple to prepare, and most importantly, be tasty (think hot cocoa, yummy trail mix, hearty oatmeal with dried fruit, and quinoa with veggies).

    I'm happy to accommodate vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-intolerant women. You’ll be given the opportunity to note this information in your intake questionnaire. If you have other special dietary needs, contact me before signing up so I can make sure there is a way to get your needs met.

    Q: Will there be bathrooms?

    If you consider a tree to be a bathroom, then yes. ;) Our 2017 Quiet Adventures are backpacking, which involves carrying everything you need for the trip on your back. This means all gear and supplies, like sleeping bags, sleeping pads, tents, food, water, clothes, etc., which can end up being anywhere from 35-45 pounds. If you've read the book or seen the movie “Wild” this is a great example of backpacking.

    Or if it's still not clear, here's what backpacking looks like—we'll drive to the trailhead, pack all of our gear into a backpack (sized 65+ litres), camp somewhere along the trail, and pack everything up to move onto the next spot. We'll pack minimally, wear the same clothes for several days, carry out all garbage, and purify our own water.

    Q: Why backpacking?

    Because the rewards with backpacking are enormous and I believe it provides the most powerful experience for women's transformations! Plus, by being immersed in the wild for an extended period of time you get to see places and wildlife that are inaccessible to day hikers, experience the solitude of the backcountry, and build incredible reserves of resilience by only having yourself to rely on.

    Q: I've never packed for a weekend outdoor adventure. What should I bring?

    When you register for a Quiet Adventure, you’ll receive a Welcome Kit that includes a packing checklist, instructional videos, and guided meditations to make the process simple and easy. For every trip, I take care of all group items: food, tents, camp pads, stoves, fuel, cookware, first aid kits, water treatment, maps, compasses, etc. I'll also provide a headlamp, sleeping bag and sleeping pad for any women who needs one.

    You’ll bring your personal clothes, toiletries, water bottles, journal, headlamp, backpack, and anything you need to feel your best.

    Q: Can I bring wine or alcohol?

    Quiet Adventures has a strict no alcohol or drugs policy. I want you to get the most out of your time in nature, and to really absorb the experience, learn the skills, and stay safe, it’s best to be present and in a clear state of mind.

    Q: What is the trip group size?

    I intentionally keep the group size small (no more than 10 women) so that you can easily connect with other women without the overwhelm of a large group and so that I can give you personalized attention. Also, in addition to myself, there will also be a specially trained assistant guide for an extra layer of support.

    Q: How will I get to and from the trailhead?

    Participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from the trailhead. Quiet Adventures will help to coordinate carpools and organize car rentals. If you choose to travel with other women, each passenger will contribute to their driver to cover gas, wear, and tear. Please note that these costs are not included in the trip registration.

    Q: I'm coming from out of town. Where should I fly into? When should I arrive and depart?

    Wonderful, we've had women from all over the country join us. I suggest booking a flight that arrives no later than Thursday so you can drive out to the trail and that departs no earlier than Monday morning so that you can get back. Airbnb is a great choice for accommodations and I'll also send you a list of campgrounds, cabins, and hotels near our meeting spot if you're looking for a place to stay pre-and post-adventure.

    Suggested Airports for Lassen Volcanic National Park:

    Reno, NV (130 miles) Sacramento, CA (208 miles) Oakland, CA (279 miles) San Jose, CA (304 miles) San Francisco, CA (280 miles)

    Suggested Airports for Sierra Buttes:

    Reno, NV (81 miles) Sacramento, CA (118 miles) Oakland, CA (200 miles) San Jose, CA (234 miles) San Francisco, CA (209 miles)

    Q: What happens if an emergency occurs during a Quiet Adventure?

    I hold CPR and Wilderness First Responder certifications and am regularly recertified to keep you safe and make wise decisions in the event of an emergency. In remote destinations, I carry a SPOT GPS signaling device, allowing us to contact authorities if necessary.

    I strongly recommend that you follow all safety recommendations given; however, you also have the right to refuse care. Quiet Adventures is fully insured, but assumes no liability regarding the provision of medical care. I recommend that you have current medical coverage.

    Before registering for a Quiet Adventure, please read the Terms and Conditions.

    Q: Will my registration fee be refunded if I have to cancel?

    Because trips are small and preparations are made in advance, cancellations cannot be refunded or partially refunded.

    However, your registration is fully transferable, meaning if you can’t attend, you can send a girlfriend or sister in your place for the retreat you registered for. Registration is not transferable to a future retreat or training. There is a $100.00 administration fee when registration is transferred to another person.

    If there is a waiting list for the retreat, your registration can be transferred to someone on the list. After they are paid in full, your tuition will be refunded to you, minus the $100.00 administration fee.

    Q: Is this only for introverts?

    No way, love! It doesn't matter where you fall on the introvert-extrovert spectrum. You're not required to be a "quiet" person to participate in (or benefit from) this retreat. When I say “quiet,” I'm talking about discovering and listening to that still, small voice that lives inside of you. The one you need to step out of the noise of your everyday life in order to hear again. Our retreats are designed to help you hear your quiet and connect to your strength so that you can make bold decisions in your life no matter how much noise is surrounding you.

    Q: Can I bring a friend?

    Yes! In fact I have a friend referral bonus so if you do bring a friend let me know and you'll both receive $100 as a thank you for introducing her to Quiet Adventures.

    Q: This sounds amazing, but I'm not sure I have the time or can afford it.

    I hear you! I know how full our calendars and lives can feel. My question for you is, when was the last time you did something just for you? I have a feeling you're giving a lot to your family, your work, and your community, but what about you? If you don't give to yourself, you're not going to be able to give to everyone else―end of story. But when you take time to get quiet, connect with yourself, nourish your mind, body, heart, and spirit, you'll be able to show up for your life as the grounded, strong, and empowered woman that you are.

    I also hear you on the money piece. It can be scary to invest in ourselves in this way! This is always a personal decision and only you can decide, but I find that when we women invest in an experience like a Quiet Adventure we take a stand and show up for ourselves fully inside of it. As a result, the learning, transformation, and “ahas” are all the more powerful.

    Here are a couple ideas to make it more affordable:

    • Sign-up before June 1st and receive the early bird price (after this prices increase $300).
    • Opt-in for the payment plan and you can space out the payments. If you do this by May 1st you'll have four monthly payments of $250.
    • Bring a friend! I’m offering a friend referral bonus where you'll both receive $100 off so that would bring your price down to $900 for the experience. (Which again you could space out with payments.)

    Now, I invite you to take a moment, pause and listen to that small quiet voice that lives inside you. Trust her. If she’s giving you the nudge to join us, simply apply below.

    The Quiet Adventures Results

    Women from across the country, from all backgrounds of life, have embarked on a Quiet Adventure. The women always arrive on day one having lost focus on themselves, disconnected and confused about who they are, their direction, and purpose in life.

    By the end of their Quiet Adventure, these women tap into a braver, more resilient version of themselves. They leave the experience with the strength to become who they really are, leave jobs that aren’t serving them, quit deep-rooted habits, and speak up for what’s right. Check out what some women are saying below...

    What women are saying:

    I love how these retreats aren’t intimidating, but just far enough out of my comfort zone to help me grow. Megan teaches the right balance of going inward and gives you tools you can use for a lifetime. It was also such a joy to be outdoors with other women!”

    – Sarah Church, Risk Advisor, Google

    "Four months later, my general sense of confidence in taking on something new has been significantly expanded from my Quiet Adventure. I love feeling that even when I don’t know what I’ll be faced with, I do know that I can handle it.” 

    – Shawn Tuttle, Mindful Productivity Coach

    "I appreciated the combination of being in nature, connecting with other women, learning outdoor skills, and having quiet time to reflect. It's such a unique experience that supported new levels of growth in all areas of my life!"

    - Stephanie Flagg, Mom

    “I loved how there wasn't ANY dogma at this retreat. After participating in so many different spiritual and personal growth retreats and workshops in my life, I find relief in one that doesn’t teach a specific set of beliefs as if they were facts...even if I share those beliefs! This created the space for me to just connect to my own truth and guidance so that I could discern my next steps and stop searching for the answers outside of myself."

    Read more about Liz's Quiet Adventure here

    – Elizabeth Teal, Content Manager at Habit. 

    When I signed up for my first Quiet Adventure I was looking to fortify myself with outdoor skills but in the end I discovered so much more! I learned essential self-care practices to fortify myself in everyday life. It's been five months since the retreat and Im still carrying lessons from my Quiet Adventure with me.

    Read more about Cynthia's Quiet Adventure here

    - Cynthia

    “When the retreat first started, I found myself panicking. It may have been the prospect of being vulnerable to total strangers that caused the panic—I grew up in a very patriarchal society and seeking women’s support was something I never thought about before Megan’s retreat. But as the retreat went on, I calmed down and realized I wanted to share things I didn't even know I was feeling. It’s amazing to have a group of supportive and nonjudgmental women to turn to on my personal journey."

    – Heui Young Joo, Independent Food + Beverage Professional and Mom

    "My Quiet Adventure is an experience I will always remember. I look back, think about the wonderful women who experienced it with me, and smile because I'm proud of myself. Proud that I gave myself permission to have fun, explore, unplug, and play. I came home with a renewed perspective with more optimism, gratitude, self-love and sense of lightness.

    – Laken Geiger, Independent Public Relations Practitioner 

    This journey was so beautiful, so powerful, so just what I needed. It was likely the best gift I've ever given myself and I am full in the best of ways!

    – Paula Orozco, Energy Teacher and Healer

    Meet Your Guide

    Dear Adventuress,

    I’m Megan Roop, founder of Quiet Adventures. Like many women, I grew up learning how to be “perfect” rather than human. For years, I dedicated all of my energy and resources to achieving this perfection, which left me struggling with an eating disorder, depression, burnout, and disconnection. I chose to find a better way.

    Through my healing, I discovered that in order to be whole, we must learn how to be human, and connection to ourselves, other women, and nature are the pathways that lead us back to wholeness.

    I developed consistent practices such as journaling, meditation, and yoga, that guided me back home to myself on a daily basis. I connected with like-minded women, and through this, found deeper connection with myself. I spent time in nature and cultivated resilience, self-sufficiency, and responsibility—showing me I can do so much more than what I thought was possible.

      My personal Quiet Adventure: solo thru-hike of the Tahoe Rim Trail (Fall 2016).

    My personal Quiet Adventure: solo thru-hike of the Tahoe Rim Trail (Fall 2016).

    This is how Quiet Adventures was born.

    I now use the lessons I learned through my healing to help busy women retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily living so they can gain the strength, confidence, and self-trust to go after the things they really want in life.

    I bring to these retreats the self-care practices, backcountry skills, and community building that have transformed my own life, as well as years of experience in behavioral change, integrative health, yoga, meditation, wilderness medicine, and outdoor education.

    My trainings:

    • Certified Wilderness First Responder 
    • NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) Pacific Northwest Trip Leader
    • Certified Leave No Trace Trainer
    • Registered Yoga Teacher
    • Certified Integrative Health Coach, Duke Integrative Medicine

    Since creating Quiet Adventures, I’ve watched women find the strength to become who they really are, leave jobs that aren’t serving them, quit deep-rooted habits, and become whole again. I hope you'll join us on a Quiet Adventure in 2017 so that you can find a stronger, braver, more resilient version of yourself at this time in your life. 

    It would be an honor to support you! 

    With love and gratitude,


    Watch the Video to See What it's Like to Join Us