Quiet Adventures offers all-inclusive women’s wilderness retreats to those seeking to reconnect to their inner voice.

Every now and then you need to step away from your daily roles to experience a place you've never been, and adventure with women you've never met.

Our women's wilderness retreats allow you to discover the restorative power of waking up with the sun, drinking water from a crystal clear lake, meditating by a campfire, and falling asleep to the wind rustling through the leaves.

Whether you join us for a day, a weekend, or longer, we will help you connect with three things: nature, yourself, and women like you who know firsthand just how stressful life can be.

Let Quiet Adventures help you find the grace, resilience, and strength to make it through any situation both on and off the trail.

While this adventure was an amazing lesson in navigating the backcountry, I could never have guessed how I would carry this experience into my everyday life.  

The connection, strength, and camaraderie I experienced with the women in this group made me want to deepen relationships, and helped me realize how important human connection truly is. And on the long drive home, when stuck in traffic, I felt that if I could weather the extremes of nature, I could survive a traffic jam. 


This was so much more than a weekend retreat—it was a series of life lessons I carry with me season to season and day to day.”

- Tiffany Anne Whipps, Jewelry Designer


Maybe you’re running your own business, working in a high-stress industry, or raising a family. Whatever path you’ve chosen, you’re feeling the call to do things differently—to find a better way to handle the challenges of being constantly busy and pushing forward to get results. You’re ready to experience a slower pace, time spent in nature, and substantial sisterhood.

If adventuring by yourself doesn’t feel safe, signing up for a backpacking class feels intimidating, or you want more than a yoga vacation, a Quiet Adventures women's wilderness retreat is for you.

We’ll help you learn personal practices that you can take back to your daily life to keep you grounded and connected every day of the year—as well as the skills and confidence to start hitting the trail more often.

You’ll always have emails to write, errands to run, and bills to pay. Leave your to-do list at home for the weekend and join us for a healing wilderness retreat.


My personal Quiet Adventure: solo thru-hike of the Tahoe Rim Trail (Fall 2016).

My personal Quiet Adventure: solo thru-hike of the Tahoe Rim Trail (Fall 2016).

HI there,

I’m Megan Roop, founder of Quiet Adventures. Like many women, I grew up learning how to be “perfect” rather than human. For years, I dedicated all of my energy and resources to achieving this perfection, which left me struggling with an eating disorder, depression, burnout, and disconnection. I chose to find a better way.

Through my healing, I discovered that in order to be whole, we must learn how to be human, and connection to ourselves, other women, and nature are the pathways that lead us back to wholeness.

I developed consistent practices such as journaling, meditation, and yoga, that guided me back home to myself on a daily basis. I connected with like-minded women, and through this, found deeper connection with myself. I spent time in nature and cultivated resilience, self-sufficiency, and responsibility—showing me I can do so much more than what I thought was possible.

This is how Quiet Adventures was born.

I now use the lessons I learned through my healing to help busy women retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily living so they can gain the strength, confidence, and self-trust to go after the things they really want in life.

I bring to these women's wilderness retreats the self-care practices, backcountry skills, and community building that have transformed my own life, as well as years of experience in behavioral change, integrative health, yoga, meditation, wilderness medicine, and outdoor education.

My trainings:

  • Certified Wilderness First Responder

  • NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) Pacific Northwest Trip Leader

  • Certified Leave No Trace Trainer

  • Registered Yoga Teacher

  • Certified Integrative Health Coach, Duke Integrative Medicine

Since creating Quiet Adventures, I’ve watched women find the strength to go after the things you really want, like creating a more fulfilling career, making a big shift in their relationships, or taking care of themselves on a consistent, daily basis. I hope you'll join us on a women's wilderness retreat so that you can find a stronger, braver, more resilient version of yourself at this time in your life. 

It would be an honor to support you! 

With love and gratitude,


I love how these retreats aren’t intimidating, but just far enough out of my comfort zone to help me grow. Megan teaches the right balance of going inward and gives you tools you can use for a lifetime. It was also such a joy to be outdoors with other women!”

– Sarah Church, Risk Advisor, Google