Meet Quiet Adventuress: Alli Smith

Today, I’m honored to introduce you to one of our newest Quiet Adventures alumna, Alli.

Alli is hands down one of the most thoughtful and caring women you’ll ever met. She’s a true adventuress with an arsenal of skills who is always available to lend a hand to the women around her. Alli is deeply connected and committed to her values, which drives how she shows up in the world. Because of this, being around her always feels incredibly rich and meaningful.

Okay, I’ll stop talking about how amazing Alli is! It’s your turn to meet her for yourself. Enjoy!

With love and gratitude,


Founder, Quiet Adventures

Name: Alli Smith

Hometown: Raccoon Township, Pennsylvania

Current Location: Fort Mill, South Carolina

Profession: Women’s Integrative Health Coach, Specializing in Fertility & Hormone Balancing

Quiet Adventures Retreat Attended: Summer Retreat, Lassen Volcanic National Park

Alli hiking to the top of Cinder Cone.

Alli hiking to the top of Cinder Cone.

What's most important to you right now in your life?

Living more simply. I am trying to not overanalyze every decision in my life, as I am prone to do. Rather, I am choosing to check in against my 5 core values and move forward on what feels good and right for right now.

What inspired you to sign up for a Quiet Adventure?

I’d been following Megan’s work, which deeply resonates with me, for quite some time and decided it was time to stop overthinking all the reasons why it’s not the right time or why I should wait rather than simply listen to my gut and go for it. “It’s only a flight away,” I reminded myself as I FINALLY signed up.

How did you feel as you prepared for your retreat?

As soon as I clicked the button to complete payment and registration, I felt total relief knowing I made the right decision. Between that moment and showing up on day one, I worked through some doubts and uncertainty that came up, particularly around food options (needing GF/DF) and availability. I felt so supported after the pre-trip call since all my questions were answered and I felt reassured there would be GF/DF food. I could hear other women had the same questions/concerns as me on the pre-trip call, which was also nice to know.

Describe your experience in three words:




Tell us a story about your favorite QA moment:

There are so many favorites covering such a spread of moments and emotions. If I have to select just ONE favorite, I would say it was after a hike on day two when my inner child had a field day. With the sun dancing on the water, we took in the beauty of the serene lake and shared giggles as we swam in our birthday suits (optional, of course). Considering I sometimes experience panic attacks when in open water, it felt especially good to share in this raw moment with such incredible, supportive women.

Alli preparing for her lake swim, pre-birthday suit of course! ;)

Alli preparing for her lake swim, pre-birthday suit of course! ;)

Was there a moment during your retreat you found particularly challenging?

I like to know the plan of what’s coming—in all aspects of my life. At various times it was challenging for me to let go the feeling of wanting to know the “schedule,” and trust that it was okay to not know. Megan is so intuitive, she was able to modify the agenda and practices in order to best cover our needs throughout the weekend. The shadow side of this for me was that it also meant the plan was fluid.

What did you gain from your Quiet Adventures experience?

I don’t even know where to start, as the list is quite long.

From an outdoor skills perspective, I have a much better understanding of Leave No Trace principles. Since I’ve spent a considerable amount of time outdoors, I thought I knew them (you know: pack it in, pack it out). When the weekend was over, I had a much broader appreciation of how to minimize impact, learning that just because soap is biodegradable doesn’t mean it’s okay for the lake, and even though it’s cozy, pitching your tent on a grassy or mossy space is not the best choice. I also had the opportunity to try out a lot of different gear (pack, hiking poles, tent, bear bag/canister, stoves, etc.), which is particularly great if you don’t have all of your own backpacking gear before the trip and want to test drive some before purchasing.

From a less tangible place, there was a lot self-awareness that surfaced from the practices Megan led. It was particularly insightful to explore established thoughts in a new way, to become more clear on how to apply the lessons to different areas of my life. One practice I really enjoyed was upgrading my personal check-in from physical and emotional to including all parts of myself: body, mind, emotions, and intuition. It was clear to me at the end of the weekend, we each really did receive just what we needed. Even though we shared a trail, we were on different journeys—separately yet together, in a very raw, honest, and heart-centered way.

What advice do you have for other women who are embarking on a Quiet Adventure?

If you haven’t met her yet, know that Megan is one of the most organized, diligent, and responsible women I know, who prepares thoroughly for everything. Being a person who is challenged to relent control, it is not surprising I have a difficult time trusting that everything is covered. If that sounds at all like you, know you’re not alone and Megan will have you more taken care of than you could imagine possible ;)

Alli at the top of Cinder Cone, enjoying views of Lassen Peak.

Alli at the top of Cinder Cone, enjoying views of Lassen Peak.