You're Not Too Busy

Maybe you've noticed the leaves changing from green to yellow, the slight breeze in the evening, the chillier mornings, and the shift of afternoon light. Mother Nature is dropping clues right now to slow down, drop in, harvest what we've created, and begin the letting go process.

But for many of us, we’re missing these clues and the only season we’re welcoming is the busy one. With everyone back in school, the holidays just around the corner, completing unfinished projects before the end of the year, women are running around from task to task (literally). 

I’ve talked with a lot of women this week who are feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, and scattered. When I ask them how they’re doing, their responses are, “I’m so busy… I have so much going on… There’s not enough time...”

Can you relate?

If so, I have a feeling “time” isn’t your issue. Instead, maybe you’ve lost your center, forgotten what balance can feel like, and are disconnected from what matters most. Perhaps you’ve been packing more and more into your life, causing you to lose touch with your values and living them fully.

To shift this I want you to do one thing right now, stop saying “I’m so busy.” Instead, start taking ownership of how you choose to spend your time and who you choose to spend it with. 

When you find yourself saying the word busy, pause and try out “I choose” instead.

“I choose to take the time to call my best girlfriend because friendships are really important to me.”

“I choose to take on this work project because it feeds my creativity and I love contributing in this way.” 

“I choose to drive my kids to dance class because it brings so much joy to their life.”

To help you start embracing this mindset, pull out your journal and at the top of a blank page write “Today, I choose _____?” 

Then, list out who you want to spend your time with and all the things you want to do. The keyword here is want. If you base your list on shoulds rather than wants you’re guaranteed to spiral into feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, and scattered in a hurry. 

We always have the choice to shift the patterns, beliefs, and habits that are no longer working for us. If you’re feeling any level of mid-week overwhelm or stress, I want you to know that you’re never too busy for yourself. You may indeed have a lot going on, but there’s always enough time to push pause, slow down, and get grounded in what matters most.

Enjoy your journaling and I hope you have a beautiful, not too busy evening!

With love and gratitude,