Meet Quiet Adventuress: Elizabeth Teal

Today, I’m honored introduce you to one of our newest Quiet Adventure alumnae, Elizabeth. The first time I met this amazing women I immediately noticed her depth, down-to-earth attitude, and humble nature. She's an incredible listener, who always has time to connect.

Elizabeth made the choice to come on a Quiet Adventure so that she could step away from the noise of everyday life to come back to her inner wisdom. On our Big Sur retreat she brought a whole lot of heart and determination that inspired us throughout the weekend. Her optimism, creativity, and curiosity are a gift to this world, and we're so grateful we got to experience these things firsthand.

Now, it’s your turn to meet Elizabeth. Enjoy!

With love and gratitude,


Founder, Quiet Adventures

Name: Elizabeth Teal

Hometown: Cupertino, CA and Poulsbo, WA

Current Location: Oakland, CA

Profession: Freelance content creator/editor, Artist + owner of handmade shop

Quiet Adventure Retreat Attended: Big Sur, June 2016

Elizabeth at McWay Falls.

Elizabeth at McWay Falls.

What's most important to you right now in your life?

To live a life worth living. To be a positive presence in the lives of those I’m close to and on this blue-green planet in general. To enjoy the creative and spiritual side of life.

What inspired you to sign up for a Quiet Adventure?

I renew and revitalize by getting away from my day-to-day life, especially in a beautiful natural setting. It gives me fresh perspectives and ideas. I live in an urban environment and it had been a while since I’d been able to feel deeply connected to nature for more than a few hours. So that attracted me to Quiet Adventures, and the uniqueness that sold me on it was the integration of yoga, journal exercises, and women’s circle practices in this outdoor setting.

How did you feel as you prepared for your retreat?

Excited and occasionally a little apprehensive, but it helped that Megan’s email said to expect that feeling.

Describe your experience in three words:




Tell us a story about your favorite QA moment:

It was on the last day of the retreat. We were walking barefoot on a soft trail after crossing a stream without shoes. The air was warm and clean and the sun was shining. I looked up at the mountains in the distance and the white clouds on blue sky and felt so alive, centered, and grounded at the same time.

Was there a moment during your retreat you found particularly challenging?

Yes, I found out that although I hike fairly often, my usual hikes only have a few short hills in them. On this retreat we went on a couple hikes that were quite steep. I could handle it the first day, but on the second day my muscles just sort of “seized up” and felt very heavy. I have a weak knee that contributed to this issue. At any rate, I felt embarrassed and frustrated at my slowness - like I was holding everyone up. But I was able to say this out loud and the group was very supportive. We eventually (slowly) got to the top of the mountain and the views of the ocean and landscape were stunning! After that, the rest of the hike was literally shady and downhill so it all turned out ok.

What did you gain from your Quiet Adventure experience?

An experience of being immersed in Big Sur’s majestic beauty that I will never forget. Including the barefoot walk and doing yoga directly under an amazing oak tree.

Practices for getting clear about what I need and what my soul wants. And to remember to value both. Megan guided us in feeling into what lights us up and what leaks energy. For example, I decided savoring time outdoors everyday is a “hell yes” and spending a lot of time looking at my phone is a “hell no.”

Also, a couple days after I got home, I finally had an inner knowing, a clarity, about some business-related questions I had been struggling with before the trip. I find that getting away on a healthy trip gives the unconscious time and space to figure things out like that.

Elizabeth underneath the oak tree.

Elizabeth underneath the oak tree.

What advice do you have for other women who are embarking on a Quiet Adventure?

Relax in knowing that Quiet Adventures’ founder and retreat leader, Megan, is one of the most prepared, capable, respectful, and wise people I’ve ever encountered. You’ll be going to the BEST natural settings, which she picks very carefully. While you’ll have opportunities to challenge yourself, a Quiet Adventures retreat has a nurturing spirit. Also, the journaling and women’s circle aspect is about supporting your own inner resources and guidance, so you will feel safe and respected within your own set of beliefs.