3 Ways to Keep Fear from Derailing Your Goals

In two weeks I leave for my Tahoe Rim Trail thru-hike and truthfully, I’m not feeling it. Don’t get me wrong, deep down I’m excited and grateful for the opportunity, but on this particular day my fear and doubt are louder than the psych.

My training has slipped and I’m unsure if I’ll be strong enough for a twelve-mile hike every day for fourteen days. I’m not ready...

I feel selfish for taking two whole weeks off while my husband works so much. I’m not sure if he’s really okay with this

There’s too much going on right now. I don’t have time...

My list of excuses has been growing daily and I’m feeling a little scared. I’ve been to this rodeo before and I know that when I’m scared to do something, I find ways to make sure I cannot do it. I beat around the bush, hide behind excuses, and come up with reasons to bail. This is all normal and part of my process—I know this about myself. I also know a lot of women have a similar pattern; it’s part of being human.

When we’re working towards a goal, obstacles will present themselves; that is the nature of goals. They bring you face-to-face with your own fears and doubts. Our willingness to either accept or reject this makes the difference in whether or not we’re able to reach our goals.

Yesterday I chose acceptance, to lovingly meet myself right where I am and to address the excuses disguised as fears. In my journal, I put what I preach to practice, and today I want to share this process with you.

Here are three ways to meet your fears head on.

1.) Ground yourself in “why.” Why are you even doing this goal in the first place? Take a moment and remember your “why.” Make a commitment about what you want and get grounded in this. Yesterday in my journal I reflected on my “why” and recommitted to my goal. Here’s what I wrote: 

I’m hiking the TRT to push myself outside of my comfort zone. My mind, body, and spirit are craving a challenge right now, one that takes me to my edge. I’m longing for the feeling of the unknown and finding something new around each bend. I’m doing this because I feel a closeness with the deepest parts of myself and find the best version of myself on the trail. I’m thru-hiking the Tahoe Rim Trail because I need my own Quiet Adventure right now so that I can show up and serve my family, community, and the world in the ways I most want to.

2.) Voice your fears so they don’t stay in hiding. Fear is part of the experience and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. If you keep it locked inside, it will only grow. Yesterday, I called my girlfriends and talked to my husband over dinner, and now I’m sharing here with you what’s coming up for me. I’m getting it out in the open, as uncomfortable as it feels. If all of this festered in my head and body for the next two weeks, I could very well end up not following through on the thru-hike.

3.) Give yourself a twenty-four hour break from “have to’s.” I have to order a different bear canister... I have to go to Whole Foods to buy energy bars... I have to call and check on my permit… I have to go hiking with my pack more… I have to, I have to, I have to!! “Have to’s” are a slippery slope to excuses and if you’re feeling any amount of fear, I’m willing to bet these words are making a frequent appearance in your vocabulary. They were in mine! So yesterday I took a twenty-four hour break from this phrase and replaced it with “I choose to.” This simple switch allows you to feel empowered, clear, and confident in your actions. You set the priorities, not your fear.

After going through these steps, I’m on the upswing now and here’s what I know to be true:

I may not be in tip-top shape, but I plan to start slow with my mileage and work my way up while on the trail. I have years of experience doing this. I am more than ready...

Two weeks is a long time to take off but I’ve worked hard to set my life and business up in order to do this. I also have one of the most supportive and encouraging partners in the world. I know he’s beyond okay with this...

Indeed, there is a lot going on right now but there has never been a time in my life where I haven’t had something going on. The only way I’m going to achieve my dreams is to make time. I do have time...

Let’s do this, Tahoe Rim Trail! :)

When you’re working towards a dream and you feel the fear excuses creep in, what do you do to keep fear from derailing your plans and goals? I’d love to know in the comments below!

With love and gratitude,


Founder, Quiet Adventures

P.S. Are you curious about the logistics of my thru-hike? Like what gear I’m taking or how much food I’m packing? I’ll be posting pictures of the process on Instagram so be sure to follow along over there.