REI Adventures vs. Quiet Adventures: Which Is Right for You?

REI Adventures & Quiet Adventures
A Comparison

Quiet Adventures and REI Adventures both offer outdoor adventures, but the experiences are very different.

REI Adventures provides active vacations for self-proclaimed “outdoorsy” people. When you join Quiet Adventures, you learn the outdoor skills you need, plus you get time to reflect on your inner and outer life.

You’ll unpack the things that weigh you down and experience who you are away from your daily responsibilities and roles. You’ll then have the space for thoughtful inquiry so that you can get clear on what’s not working in your life and discern what’s ready to change.

Here are three ways Quiet Adventures creates a more retreat-like experience:

  1. Our intimate, women's only backpacking and camping retreats provide time for journaling, yoga, and mindfulness so you can reconnect with your inner voice.

  2. If you’ve never been hiking or backpacking before, you’ll learn the skills you need. Even if you’re not the hiking “type,” you’ll find acceptance with us.

  3. Many women who join us are in a time of transition, including grief, divorce, or mid-life. Others feel overwhelmed by the many roles they take on in their daily life. Quiet Adventures creates the space you need to confidently move through times of transition.

Quiet Adventures provides so much more than hiking and backpacking. It’s an adventure that will help you move forward in every aspect of your life once you return home

On top of that, Quiet Adventures gives you unparalleled support.

Individualized support from Quiet Adventures

When you join a Quiet Adventure, you receive support before, during, and after the retreat.

Support before the retreat:

We know it can be difficult to make the commitment to travel to a new place and meet unfamiliar people (including the guide)—all the while trying to relax, learn new outdoor skills, work on yourself, and make the most of precious vacation time.

That’s why we set up a time prior to your retreat to meet virtually. You’ll get to meet your fellow travellers, as well as your guide, in advance. Together, we’ll work through any emotions, fears, and challenges that may arise before the adventure.

Support during the retreat:

You'll also receive the individualized attention you need and deserve so that you can take your life and self-care practices to the next level.

Support after the retreat:

Join our post-adventure group coaching calls for extra support you once you return home, when the rubber meets the road to ensure that you keep the forward momentum going!

The direct, open, and generous contact with Megan pre, during, and post retreat supported me every step of the way. Every detail of the retreat was lovingly curated; Megan created a strong and safe container in which I was invited to step into, explore, and grow.

— Linda Sperl, Retired Italian Teacher: Shoreham, NY

Unplug with intention


Throughout your Quiet Adventure women's retreat, you’ll experience daily retreat time that will help you quiet the noise, calm your nervous system, and find your inner ground again.

Practices like journaling, mindfulness, and yoga will help you stay grounded in your body and connected to yourself, especially when things get hard and it really matters.

You’ll also experience a community of support to lean into that’s non-sugar-coated and refreshingly real. Here, you’re safe to be vulnerable, messy, beautiful, and wild.

Experience a space where you can face fears, navigate self-doubt, and show up as you truly are. Through the power and support of feminine community you’ll have the courage to be more like the woman you know you’re meant to be.

You’ll return home with a strong support system and a wellspring of sacred self-care practices that will support you in your daily life.

I was hesitant on whether or not I should invest the money for a trip for myself, but the wealth of knowledge I gained in 3 short days was more than worth it. Not only did I strengthen my confidence in my ability to travel in the backcountry, but I was also able to disconnect from the chaos of everyday life, learn valuable self-reflection practices that allowed for re-discovery, and develop new friendships that helped me to discover ways to deepen connections with loved ones back home.  Every step of the way I felt understood as a woman. This experience was the perfect combination of toughness, strength, compassion, guidance, and love.

— Jenni Jellerson, Physical Education Teacher: Santa Ana, CA

Side by Side: See How REI Adventures and Quiet Adventures Compare

We’re an outdoor retreat company for women who want to quiet the noise in their lives and hear their inner voice again. They’re hearing the call to to get outdoors more but struggle to find space for themselves. Going on a Quiet Adventure helps them finally step away and unplug so they can reconnect to the life they want to live.

Maximum group size816
Average price per day$400$415
Women’s onlyselect trips
Yoga and meditation included
Group gear and food included
Pre- and post-adventure group coaching calls
1:1 training and support
Welcome kit that includes a packing checklist, PDF guides, and guided meditations

Quiet Adventures results

Women from across the country, from all backgrounds of life, have embarked on a Quiet Adventure women's retreat. The women arrive on day one having lost focus on themselves, disconnected and confused about who they are, their direction, and purpose in life.

By the end of their Quiet Adventure, these women tap into a braver, more resilient version of themselves. They leave the experience with the strength to become who they really are, leave jobs that aren’t serving them, quit deep-rooted habits, and speak up for what’s right. Check out what some women are saying below...

What women are saying:

Testimonia_14 (1).png
I found Quiet Adventures by luck and immediately fell in love with the concept. After forgetting about myself after building a family and career, I knew this was just what I needed.

From start to finish, this whole experience was extraordinary! Throughout the process, the Quiet Adventures team was so patient and experienced making everything feel so easy. The way in which everything was taken take care of was very nurturing. I also loved how the learning was systematic and progressive to help me build a solid base.

This is the gift every woman deserves to create a profound connection with the wilderness: its colors, its beauty, its purity, its silence, its force, its peace, its wisdom. After this experience, your soul will be filled with a more compassionate perspective not only towards nature, but also towards yourself.

— Di Castillo, Cost & Data Analyst: Katy, TX

My Quiet Adventure is an experience I will always remember. I look back, think about the wonderful women who experienced it with me, and smile because I’m proud of myself. Proud that I gave myself permission to have fun, explore, unplug, and play. I came home with a renewed perspective with more optimism, gratitude, self-love and sense of lightness.

— Laken Geiger, Independent Public Relations Practitioner: Irvine, CA

I felt called to join a Quiet Adventure so that I could reconnect with the times I used to backpack, hike, and spend time with more women in my life. I missed those days.  But I hadn’t backpacked in a long time and I was nervous about my ability to keep up on the hikes. I was also nervous about opening the floodgates of emotions with a group of women I had never met. The team did an amazing job cultivating safety so that we could be vulnerable in the group.

A Quiet Adventure is for any woman who finds herself placing her own needs and wants on the back burner to accommodate and care for others. It’s for any woman who finds her spirit ignited when she steps into nature but wants the security and support of others.

— Kelly Edmundson, Therapist: South Lake Tahoe, CA

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Should I join a REI Adventure or a Quiet Adventure?


REI Adventures is more focused on providing adventure travel trips for outdoorsy people who are looking for an active vacation. If you’re looking for someone to simply organize a fun getaway for you—this is the trip for you.

REI Adventures might be right for you if you:

  • Are looking for a fun getaway and just want to go on a backpacking trip

  • Don’t mind a larger larger group of people

  • Receiving pre- and post-adventure support isn’t important to you

  • Aren't looking for quiet practices like yoga, mindfulness, and journaling


Quiet Adventures is an inclusive, intimate women's retreat that helps you move through life with more confidence, resilience, and courage. If you’re looking to unplug and reconnect with yourself, this is the trip for you.

You’ll feel right at home on a Quiet Adventure if you:

  • Suspect the kind of changes you want to make in your life won’t come from more goal-setting or pushing, but from something quieter and from the heart

  • Are looking for an intimate group experience with like-minded women

  • Are longing for a safe space to ask the hard questions and a mentor to guide you through the process of uncovering the answers

  • Feel lost or in transition and need time away from everyday life to find clarity and direction

  • Know diving into the inner work is just as important to you as getting into nature

  • Feel weighed down by your to-do list, over stimulated from the rush of life, and a little too domesticated from urban living

  • Are looking for a fresh start where you can step away, reconnect, and get a new outlook to start living the life you want to live.

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