10 Signs You’re Depleted and Need a Break

I groggily rolled out of bed and dragged myself out to the kitchen where I heated up some water for tea. I was tired, unmotivated, and really scattered. I felt like the only way I was going to make it through the day was to jump-start myself with coffee (my least favorite feeling)!

With my turmeric, ginger tea in hand, I went back to my bedroom and started my morning practice. I pulled cards from a tarot deck, journaled, and guided myself through a few breathing practices. Little by little I was feeling more grounded.

Ringgggg.... my timer went off indicating it was time to get started with the rest of the day, but my body and heart were asking for several more hours of self-care practices. Immediately, my mind responded, “You can’t do that! You have a full day of calls, writing, and errands that need to be done.”

Every Monday morning I meet with two women who are my colleagues, collaborators, allies, and dearest sisters. We hold each other accountable, celebrate wins together, and move through blocks with one another’s support.

I was up first with my weekly check-in. With each word I spoke aloud, they could feel how tired and depleted I was, and I could feel it too. They told me, “ You need to give yourself permission to take the day off. Don’t “do” today.”

It had all snuck up on me so quickly and I didn’t even see it coming. The past week had been a perfect storm. A lack of time for myself, too many work projects demanding my full attention, and a family emergency.

My Mastermind Sisters were so right! I needed a break now more than ever, so much so that my mind didn’t even have a chance of winning the argument over my body and heart. I closed my laptop and spent the rest of the day on a personal, mini Quiet Adventure.

Any one of us can end up depleted and for just about any reason.

For me, it’s pretty common when I’m taking really good care of my family, friends, business, home life, and then myself.  Sometimes life calls for us to give extra care and attention to certain areas in our lives. There are periods when people really need our love and support. But when this happens day in and day out for too long, we become depleted.

The trick for myself and for other women in this community is to get out of depletion more quickly by knowing the signs, which are almost always the same. When you deal with these problems early on, you’ll also be able to stop more serious stressful conditions that may develop in their aftermath.


  1. A lack of motivation: you just don’t have the oomph for life.
  2. Impossibly tired, feeling fatigued.
  3. Ungrounded and scattered.
  4. More irritable and bothered by things that don’t typically annoy you.
  5. Overwhelmed: you look at everything as being too difficult to figure out.
  6. Impatient with the people you love.
  7. Overly emotional and reactive.
  8. Indecisive.
  9. Inability to focus or concentrate on your work.
  10. Negative mindset: you feel that whatever you do will not make much difference anyway.

As we wind down the week, are you feeling any combination of the above? If so, there’s no shame. It happens to every woman, and just like I turned it around you can do the same! The first step is awareness and the next one is to find some simple actions to start taking right away.

To help you get started, I compiled a list of 10 simple ways to replenish. All the things on this list will “fill your cup” and give you more energy, vibrancy, and joy so that you can show up in the world in the ways you most want to.


  1. Go for a walk outside and notice what season it is.
  2. Set in a comfy chair and drink a hot cup of tea.
  3. Walk barefoot in the grass (sand is also amazing).
  4. Put your phone in airplane mode and allow yourself to zone out.
  5. Light a candle and take a bath with your favorite essential oil, Epsom salts, and baking soda.
  6. Get crafty and make something with your hands (don’t make is stressful)!
  7. Stretch.
  8. Draw a card from your favorite goddess or tarot deck.
  9. Find a new plant for your home.
  10. Write down your dreams.

In the end, you are your best guide and know what will truly replenish you. Trust that and take some time to do it tonight! And if you’re not feeling depleted right now, I’m celebrating you! Bookmark this post or write these signs down in your journal so that the next time depletion starts to creep in you can identify it right away.

With love and gratitude,