Spring Is the “New” New Year

As we set foot on the trail, I said, “Ahhhh, everything smells, feels, and looks so fresh.” 

He replied, “Indeed. It’s Spring, sweetheart.”

I’m just back from a weekend backpacking trip with my husband where we explored the wild, open spaces of Henry Coe State Park. The creeks were flowing, the California poppies were poppin’, and the grasslands were overflowing with bright green. With each step I could feel the renewal, awakening, and rebirth that comes with the Spring season.

I love backpacking because when you’re out in nature for several days, you can really “feel” the season. You notice how the sky is brightening, the days are longer, life is returning in full color to plants and trees, and the birds are chirping earlier each morning. When you’re in the day-to-day grind of suburbia or the city, it can be hard to notice these little details. 

What’s it like for you? Can you feel the freshness of Spring? 

Many of us feel a renewed sense of well-being during this time of year. We shed winter clothes, detox our diets, and spring clean our homes. For some, it can also feel like we just went through this routine. Wasn’t that what the New Year was for?

Our culture marks the New Year as the perfect time to work towards new goals and projects, but this is actually one of the most challenging times to do so because it falls in the middle of Winter. 

During this time of year, our energy reserves are lower and our motivation is lacking. Just like the plants and animals hibernate or go dormant during this time of year, we as humans naturally have lower reserves of energy as well.

So if you made a New Year’s resolution that fell totally flat, now is the time to stop beating yourself up and begin again. 

Spring is the optimum time for deciding where you want to move forward in your life and taking deliberate actions on behalf of your goals. Whether it’s a new healthy habit, long-time dream, or project around the house, harness the energies of creativity and new beginnings to move forward in the ways you most want to. 

To help you reflect, use the following journaling prompts to get clear on what you want to put your energy into for the rest of Spring:

  1. Where could I make a fresh start in my life?
  2. What is something I would like to start doing this Spring?
  3. What do I need to omit in my life in order to make space for this?
  4. Who can I reach out to for support so that I can make the changes I most to want to make?

This practice should help you shake off those Winter doldrums and get you started on making plans that will affect the rest of your year. A true “new” New Year.

With gratitude and Spring smiles!