Meet Quiet Adventuress: Tiffany Whipps

Every time I lead a Quiet Adventure I walk away in total awe of the women who join us. Each woman makes a unique contribution to the group, shares so much wisdom, and gives in ways I couldn’t have imagined. The incredible caliber of women blows me away every time!

Last week I decided it’s time for you to meet these women and to see Quiet Adventures through their eyes. We’ll be sharing profiles of retreat alumnae who amaze us and embody the values of Quiet Adventures. It's only fitting that we kick things off with Tiffany, who joined us last fall in Tahoe National Forest.

Tiffany has a laid-back and fun energy that immediately puts everyone around her at ease. Her mix of being humble, badass, and thoughtful all in one make her a true joy to be around. Oh, and she’s a master fire builder to boot (she built a campfire after 24 hours of straight rain)! 

Happy summer and enjoy meeting Tiffany!

With love and gratitude,


Founder, Quiet Adventures

Name: Tiffany Whipps

Hometown: Portland, OR

Current Location: Hood River, OR

Profession: Jewelry designer, metalsmith founder of Tiffany Anne Studios

Quiet Adventure Attended: Tahoe National Forest Fall Backpacking Retreat

What's most important to you right now in your life?  

Keeping a healthy work/life balance.

What inspired you to sign up for a Quiet Adventure?

I felt very drawn to an outdoor experience where I could connect with other women and learn backcountry skills while incorporating yoga and seasonal practices. There’s really nothing else like that!  

How did you feel as you prepared for your retreat?

Mostly excited and a little nervous. I hadn't backpacked in a while and, physically, my body was a little run down from the busyness of summer. What if I wasn’t strong enough or couldn’t keep up? 

Describe your experience in three words:  

Grounding, challenging and inspiring.

Tiffany packing up for the day.

Tiffany packing up for the day.


 Was there a moment during your retreat you found particularly challenging?

On the first night after we set up camp, a huge storm came through and it rained, hard, for over 24 hours. Our retreat turned into a bit of a survival mission as we moved camp, tried to get to higher ground, and get a fire started and our sleeping bags and socks dry. No one complained—everyone came together and it was so amazing watching these women of all different ages, backgrounds and outdoor experience levels make it happen.  

Tell us a story about your favorite QA moment:

There are so many, it’s hard to pick one! On the last day, after what was a very challenging yet bonding experience, we hiked up to a large overlook. I’ve never been more in awe of the scenery or the beautiful women that were experiencing it with me. We all sat in a circle and said what we admired most about each other. Experiencing life together in the outdoors with no other distraction bonds you in a way you could never imagine. All of these women had such amazing gifts, and to be able to share that with them in this beautiful setting was a precious moment. 

The view from above.

The view from above.


What did you gain from your Quiet Adventures experience?  

On the ride home, I was stuck in traffic that would have normally thrown me into a panic attack.  Instead, I felt grateful for the warm seats in my car and knew if I could weather a storm like that, I could survive a little bit of traffic. I carried that feeling with me all week and still look back on that experience when life throws a storm at me.  

What advice do you have for other women who are embarking on a Quiet Adventure?

Leave all doubts and expectations at home. Go into your adventure with an open mind and heart. The gifts will just continue to multiply long after your adventure is done.