Slowly Welcoming Spring

Yesterday was the Spring or Vernal Equinox when the day and night were (pretty much) of equal length and the official first day of spring. From this point forward, the sun will continue to grow and the days will become longer than the night. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m so ready to start moving away from the darker months and towards the warmth of the light. As much as I love and appreciate the qualities of Winter (rest, hibernation, stillness), every part of me is ready for the freshness of spring!

The energy during this time of year has themes of rebirth, new life, planting, and growth. And as much as I’m ready for all of this and more, I’m also feeling unsettled. 

The change from winter to spring is the most drastic of the seasonal transitions and can leave us feeling both excited and exhausted

Why? Because this is the time of year when we’re called to put our heart’s desires front and center and bring our deepest visions to life. It requires us to fiercely protect our seedlings, be willing to fail, and trust the organic unfolding of spring. Not the easiest of things to do!

Thankfully, Mother Nature is guiding the way.

Here in Tahoe, the weather is changing to rain and melting snow. Throughout the mountains, the lakes are thawing and a layer of water is washing away the old in order to create space for new growth. The seeds lie beneath the soil, waiting and preparing to burst forth towards the light and warmth of spring.

When I look outside and see this, I’m reminded that there is no rush. Before I can create new life the old has to be cleaned out and it takes a lot of time (and nurturing) before something can bloom

The next few days are an incredibly powerful time to get in touch with what’s happening in Mother Nature where you live. I believe when we connect to her rhythms, we too are able to harness these same powerful qualities. Just like she is washing away the old and preparing to sprout new life right now, we too can do the same! 

↟ Here’s a simple practice to help you do just that:

Start by opening your window or going outside. Take time to feel the fresh spring air on your face. Look around and simply notice what’s happening right outside your front door.

Then, spend some time in reflection and consider the following questions:

+ What can the outer world can teach me about what’s happening in my inner world right now?

+ What’s currently being washed away in my life so that there’s space for new growth?

+ What’s waiting underneath the surface, preparing to burst forth towards the light and warmth of spring?

Please let me know how this practice goes for you by hitting reply! And if you’re looking for a little extra inspirationlisten to this gorgeous and poignant poem. Every year, I welcome spring with the ritual of watching this video. I have a feeling you’ll love it as much as I do.

Sending you spring blessings, my dear!

Warm hugs,