Have you ever noticed that some days you’re “on” and some days you’re clearly not?

Or that you’re more productive at certain times of the day than others?

Ever feel out of sync with your life?

These days many of us wake up to an alarm clock, jump-start ourselves with caffeine, work indoors under harsh lights and in front of screens all day, and then have difficulty sleeping at night. It’s no surprise so many women feel physically, mentally, and emotionally drained.

But imagine a day where you don’t feel like you’re rushing from one point to another. Where you’re not fighting your body, or pushing yourself when you’re tired. Imagine having the tools, skills, and wisdom to slow down and lead a saner life, one that’s in rhythm with your cycles and nature.

It’s possible—I’ve experienced this in my own life and witnessed it in the lives of hundreds of other women.



I’m Megan Roop, founder of Quiet Adventures. I believe nature is a guide leading us to healing, empowerment, and a deeper connection to ourselves.

When you understand the relationship between the seasons in nature, your body and your life, you are able to tap into your inner wisdom, boldness, and feminine strength.

If you find yourself seeking more ease, craving a deeper connection to nature, or longing for harmony with your natural cycles, I invite you to press pause and check out the free guidebook, Your Natural Rhythm: How to flow with the seasons.


  • A step-by-step guide to living in tune with the seasons.
  • Everything you need to know to find your best times of day for work, rest, movement, and play—individualized to your personal cycles and practices.
  • My favorite practice to get grounded in a minute or less.
  • A helpful balance of easy-to-understand information and reflective questions to guide you.

Whether you’re running your own business, working in a high-stress industry, or raising a family, this guidebook will help you to tap into your natural rhythm, flow with the seasons, and come back home to yourself.

I look forward to supporting you!