I know how tough it is to truly nourish yourself as a modern woman.

With a list of to-do's long enough to keep you busy until next year and too many responsibilities for one person to realistically handle, you're feeling a little depleted and defeated.

And this fall has been especially hard. With so many personal and collective challenges, it's no wonder you feel disconnected from yourself, the people around you, and Mother Nature.

At times, it feels a lot like you're walking on a path, lost in a dark forest—it's hard to see and you can't find your way.

Fortunately, there's a simple way to help you see again. (Hint: it's right outside your window.)

It can be found when you look up at the moon, get lost in the stars, feel the breeze on your face, and plant your feet on the earth.

I want to show you just how simple and powerful this way is by guiding you through a free Full Moon Workshop on Sunday, December 3rd, 5-6pm PST.

I hope you'll join us for this opportunity to ground into your inner strength so that you can find your way through the forest feeling nourished, clear, and whole again!

I know your plate is full and you're probably wondering,  "Is this workshop worth my time?"

To help you decide, here's what you'll walk away with after our hour together...

At this free workshop, you’ll:

  • Learn relaxation techniques, writing practices, and movement exercises that will ignite clarity, calm, and confidence from within.
  • Take time to pause and celebrate instead of just plowing through to the next thing.
  • Release what’s no longer serving you so that you can prepare for the inner months ahead.

Plus, you'll participate from the coziness of your own home and create your own monthly ritual that's simple, powerful, and easy to repeat. You can experience the healing powers of the full moon month after month when you join me for this FREE workshop.

Hello there!

Incase you're new to Quiet Adventures, here's what I want you to know—I believe in three things: quiet, nature, and tribe.

When you quiet noise of your life, tap into the healing power of nature, and lean into the support of a tribe of women you can bring about the change you desire in your life. 

It is my goal to bring more of these three things front and center into the lives of the women I serve and this full moon workshop is one way to do just this. I hope you'll let me guide you through this simple and powerful ritual.

Warm hugs, 


Founder, Quiet Adventures