The Live Wild Challenge is 5-days of simple rituals to help you get outside amongst your busy daily life, unlocking the inspiration and energy you're longing for. They’re simple, yet powerful, especially when done every day.

Your daily rituals are laid out below! I encourage you to bookmark this page so that each morning you can access the prompts with ease.

  #LiveWildChallenge #QAChallenge

#LiveWildChallenge #QAChallenge

Day 1: Go barefoot.

Do you recall the  energy you feel after a walk on the beach? You may have thought this was because of your fabulous beach vacation, all the sun you were soaking up, or the sound of the soothing waves, but something else was making you feel vibrant and healthy.

The magical ingredient? Electrons.

The soles of our feet are full of nerve endings and acupuncture points and connecting those points with the electrons from the earth's surface creates enormous healing benefits and shifts your body towards an optimal state of health. Benefits like reducing inflammation, improving sleep, and preventing depression, to name a few.

And all you have to do is take off your shoes and socks to get a charge of energy, and connect to nature at the same time. On your lunch break, at the park, or in your backyard—it doesn’t matter where – take a moment to get wild. Just be sure to take off your shoes and  step onto the grass, dirt, pebbles, or sand so that you can be in direct contact with the earth.

Show us what your Live Wild barefoot practice looks like and inspire and connect with other women in the #LiveWildChallenge #QAChallenge!

  #LiveWildChallenge #QAChallenge

#LiveWildChallenge #QAChallenge

Day 2: Admire the rising or setting sun.

Watching a sunrise or sunset, is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

And with the days getting longer and the weather getting warmer, connecting with the sun is becoming more doable, and it’s one the easiest ways to infuse wild and awe into your daily routine.

Today, take time to gaze out into the vast sky and watch the sunrise (find a view to the east) or sunset (find a view to the west). And I mean really watch it! So often we see it passing by, glance at it for a few seconds, snap a pic to post on social media, and carry on with what we were doing,  BUT when we stop and admire the sun arriving or disappearing from the sky, we connect with nature and ourselves in a bigger way.

Show us your sun-filled view by using the hashtags #LiveWildChallenge and #QAChallenge.

  #LiveWildChallenge #QAChallenge

#LiveWildChallenge #QAChallenge

Day 3: eat in the wild.

If you’re like most people there’s a good chance you’re stuck indoors all day, going from one place to the next; and quite a few days may pass where you’re spending all your meals or snacks indoors too.

It may seem more efficient to eat for five minutes, still standing in your kitchen or as you finish that one last email at your desk but this may actually be hurting, rather than helping your work. Plus, it’s more than likely one of the reasons you feel depleted and drained by the end of the day.

So today, grab your favorite blanket or a yoga mat and have a moment with your taste buds outside. If you’re feeling extra wild, put your feet in the grass, eat your meal slowly, and notice the natural world around you. This will do wonders for your stress level, thinking, and creativity. Promise.

And if you think nature is only restorative in large doses, like an entire weekend away, I invite you to open your perspective. Just a little bit of green and fresh air goes along way!

Let’s see what you savored on in nature today with the hashtags #LiveWildChallenge and #QAChallenge.

  #LiveWildChallenge #QAChallenge

#LiveWildChallenge #QAChallenge

Day 4: wild your home or office.

The wild isn’t just for outside. Bringing things from nature into our homes and/or workplace helps us stay connected to it.

That’s why today we’re going to wild it up! Right now, close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths, and check-in with yourself by asking, “What can I bring into my space that will inspire me to live wild?”

If you’re stuck, here’s a few ideas to get you started:

Buy a houseplant, keep a jar of fresh flowers on your table, put a crystal on your desk, place a jar full of seashells and sand in your living room, or start a pinecone collection. Or maybe it’s just simply opening your drapes and windows to let the fresh air in.

These are just a few ideas to get you started! Pick one thing that’s calling you and wild up your space today. In doing so, you’ll turn your home into a cozy refuge that’s connected to the natural world. And by bringing in small doses of nature inside, you’ll feel more connected, positively impacting your productivity and health.

Show us how how you wild your home and/or office today with the hashtags #LiveWildChallenge and #QAChallenge.

  #LiveWildChallenge #QAChallenge

#LiveWildChallenge #QAChallenge

Day 5: discover urban wildness.

To wrap up our #LiveWildChallenge, I want to invite you to start to discover how nature prevails/withstands regardless of human planning  or doing.

Notice the mini-forest of trees, the weeds growing in pavement cracks, and the colorful moss covering brick walls. Look up, down, and all around to discover urban wildness. When you notice it, how does it make you feel?

Wherever you live,  in the middle of a city, a populated area, or in a place heaping with new development, urban wilderness is still there. Can you find the wild in the world around you?

Show us what natural oasis you found in a civic spot and tag #LiveWildChallenge and #QAChallenge to add to our challenge photo collection!

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