Quiet Adventures Submission Guidelines

Want to be a Guest Adventuress this summer?

If you believe in the renewing power of the outdoors, you might have found your tribe with Quiet Adventures. We're a retreat company devoted to creating transformational adventures for women, and we're looking for some brilliant voices to help serve our community. Our aim is to inspire the community to connect with nature on a daily basis so that they can feel more connected to themselves and the world around them. One of the best ways to spark inspiration is to hear perspectives and tips from other women—like you—who are living the Quiet Adventures lifestyle.

(PS - there is no specific Quiet Adventures lifestyle, which is kind of the point!) So bring your stories, your quotes, your photographs -- they all have the power to awaken the adventuress in others. I want to share your unique voice this summer to ignite adventure and create connection!

At Quiet Adventures, we believe that:

You have to step away and quiet the noise in order to reconnect to what matters. The answer is almost always to strip away, not add more.

  • Nature has the power to transform, awaken, and heal.
  • Strength and self-sufficiency on the trail stays with you in everyday life.
  • Connection to ourselves, other women, and nature are the pathways that lead us back to wholeness.

Quiet Adventures is currently seeking submissions from women in the Quiet Adventures community who embody these same values and are excited (even if nervously) at the prospect of sharing a bit of their story.

Ways to contribute.

Choose whichever way speaks to you (multiple submissions are welcomed, for instance - a list post + an Instagram takeover).

1.) Lists

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved writing lists! It’s a really inspiring form of writing, plus they’re fun to read. What we're especially excited about sharing are your reflective life lists. A few ideas… 5 Ways to Take Yourself on a Nature Date, 10 Touchstones of Happiness, 12 Ways to Relieve That Childhood Magic,  25 Things to Do This Summer.... make it sweet, make it simple, make it yours.

2.) Real Human Stories

Sharing a personal story with relatable messages relayed through powerful storytelling can be so inspiring. If you have a story where you want to get vulnerable, show something you’ve learned or experienced in real places, with real people, told with beautiful detail, we’d love to share it!

3.) Photography

We believe every woman has a unique way of seeing and experiencing the outdoors and we are inspired by the photography she creates from spending time outside. If you have photos you would like to share, we can do an entire feature on a collection or pair them with another submission.

4.) Instagram Takeovers

This is the main social media channel that we’ll be hanging out on this summer and would love for you to share your love of outdoor adventuring with others. All you’ll need to do is pick a week where you will share a minimum of three posts and engage in the comments section of the posts (we recommend a week where you have an outdoor adventure -- or two -- planned of your own.) You can also share your daily life in the stories section, but this is not required!

Ideas to get you started!

We are happy to receive general submissions, but below are a few themes we love:

  • Sources of strength
  • Pivotal points and crossroads
  • Quieting the noise
  • Connecting to your inner voice or intuition
  • The healing power of nature
  • How to get the most out of outdoor adventures
  • Products, rituals, or tips that make nature more enjoyable

How to submit!

Thank you so much for your interest in sharing a piece of your world with the Quiet Adventures community! Simply email [email protected] with your idea and we’ll get you scheduled on the calendar.