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  • How to get back in touch with your body’s wisdom so you can better navigate the confusion and turbulence of your 30s, 40s, and 50s

  • 16 open-ended questions and journal prompts to nurture mindfulness and self-exploration

  • The natural antidote to overwhelm, burnout, stress, and anxiety

This is the gift every woman deserves to create a profound connection with the wilderness: its colors, its beauty, its purity, its silence, its force, its peace, its wisdom. After this experience, your soul will be filled with a more compassionate perspective not only towards nature, but also towards yourself.
— Di Castillo, Cost & Data Analyst: Katy, TX

Hi, I’m Megan.

I’m the founder of Quiet Adventures, an outdoor retreat company for women who want to quiet the noise in their lives and hear their inner voice again. They’re hearing the call to get outdoors more but struggle to find space for themselves. Going on a Quiet Adventure helps them finally step away and unplug so they can reconnect to the life they want to live.

Trained in yoga and meditation practices and certified in wilderness first aid and integrative health coaching, my passion is to help women come back to who they truly are through the power of nature, quiet, and tribe.

I’m grateful you’re here and hope this guide supports you in tuning into the natural rhythms of nature so you can feel more connected to yourself and navigate times of transition with ease.

Big hugs! xx