Quiet Adventures blends personal development, outdoor educational workshops, and retreat time to help the busy woman (at home or at work) find the support she may be missing in her day-to-day life.

At these retreats, you’ll wake up with the sun instead of an alarm clock, find strength in a supportive circle, explore new or forgotten parts of yourself, challenge yourself to climb to the top of a mountain, journal under redwood trees, laugh with new friends, and maybe even cry a little.

Join us on a Quiet Adventure and you’ll learn how to trade in your worry and stress for confidence, strength, and resilience so that you can make the big changes you're longing to this year.

We'll be announcing 2018 dates and location soon! 

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When I signed up for my first Quiet Adventure I was looking to fortify myself with outdoor skills but in the end I discovered so much more! I learned essential self-care practices to fortify myself in everyday life. It's been five months since the retreat and Im still carrying lessons from my Quiet Adventure with me.

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- Cynthia Romanowski, Writer



Women from across the country, from all backgrounds of life, have embarked on a Quiet Adventure. The women always arrive on day one having lost focus on themselves, disconnected and confused about who they are, their direction, and purpose in life.

By the end of their Quiet Adventure, these women tap into a braver, more resilient version of themselves. They leave the experience with the strength to become who they really are, leave jobs that aren’t serving them, quit deep-rooted habits, and speak up for what’s right. Check out what some women are saying below...

What women are saying:

"I knew going on a Quiet Adventure would allow space and insight to what I was "growing" through at the time. What I didn't realize then was that 8 months later I would still circle back to the same practices I learned deep in the woods and have NEW insights of what I am currently facing in life. I'm grateful for an experience that never really ended and continues to give me strength in my life!"

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– Alli Smith, Women's Integrative Health Coach


"Four months later, my general sense of confidence in taking on something new has been significantly expanded from my Quiet Adventure. I love feeling that even when I don’t know what I’ll be faced with, I do know that I can handle it. 

– Shawn Tuttle, Programmer


This trip was a really beautiful way to let go, connect with nature, and find myself again. It really put the bigger picture of life back into perspective for me by lifting me out of myself and my worries. I also learned I had a much bigger tolerance for discomfort than I give myself credit for. Now, the scary things in my life are less frightening and I’m ready to face them!

– Marina Zavala, Mom & Technical Writer

I loved how there wasn't ANY dogma at this retreat. After participating in so many different spiritual and personal growth retreats and workshops in my life, I find relief in one that doesn’t teach a specific set of beliefs as if they were facts...even if I share those beliefs! This created the space for us to just connect to our own truth and guidance."

– Elizabeth Teal, Content Manager and Editor at Heal

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This journey was so beautiful, so powerful, so just what I needed. It was likely the best gift I've ever given myself and I am full in the best of ways!

– Paula Orozco, Energy Teacher and Healer

"I appreciated the combination of being in nature, connecting with other women, learning outdoor skills, and having quiet time to reflect. This experience supported new levels of growth in all areas of my life!"

- Stephanie Flagg, Mom & Domestic Goddess